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We are the premier supplier of top quality laboratory tests in Vanuatu. From kava to cosmetics, food, beverage and much more, we provide a variety of commercially and regulatorily relevant testing services. Are you ready to begin your products testing today?


Why choose us?

Vanuatu Bureau of Standards occupies a number of critical roles, providing services to other governmental departments,
the private sector and the citizens of Vanuatu.


How safe is the kava we drink? Did you know that the Vanuatu Bureau of Standards has a role to play in ensuring consumer safety.  Learn more about what we do.


Want to increase your market share of the tourism industry business? Did you know that ISO/IEC 9001 standard accreditation could significantly expand your market opportunities? Vanuatu Bureau of Standards is the peak national standards body, so come talk to us about how we can assist.


Want to know where you laboratory is in relation to  ISO/IEC 17025? Come talk to us at the Vanuatu Bureau of Standards and be part of a national laboratory network.

Meet the Team

Our top notch staff are here to assist you.

Ruth Amos

Acting CEO

Beverly Nishai Marango

Laboratory Technician

Karina Nwango

Product Development Officer