Kava Nobility & Microbial Testing

The Vanuatu Bureau of Standards carries out kavalactone and microbial tests on dried kava samples for export in line with the Kava Act and the Food (Control) Regulation.  The Kava Act promotes the export of noble kava. 

Testing the kavalactone content using the Colorimetric method determines the quality of the kava, that is, whether the kava is noble or not.  Microbial testing confirms the level of hygiene of the processing facility.  

Related Government Departments & Partner Instituions

We are proud partners of the Standards and Trade Development Federation, a global partnership established by FAO, OIE, WHO, WTO and the WBG that helps developing countries to gain and maintain access to markets by tackling sanitary and phytosanitary gaps (SPS).

Learn more about STDF at www.standardsfacility.org.

WTO Compliance

As a member of the World Trade Organisation, Vanuatu has an obligation to implement the Technical Barrier to Trade Agreement (TBTA). We are here to fulfil that obligation.