Product Development Section

 Services Provided:

  • Conduct Food processing and Preservation training workshops to communities, groups or individuals.
  • Deliver Food safety awareness workshops.
  • Develop and/or amend food safety programs.
  • Conduct awareness on proper packaging and labelling of food products.
  • Provide assistance on Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) Plans.
  • Review Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP)
  • Provide Advice on how to improve existing food products
  • Provide assistance to Food industries in the set-up of new food processing units.
  • Provide assistance in Good Manufacturing Practices
  • Give advice on general Food Quality Assurance
  • Assist with the work of the Vanuatu National Codex Committee (VNCC) and the Ministry of Health.

To request more information on the above trainings and how to arrange one please contact the Department of Industry located in Georges Pompidou or reach them by phone at 678 33415.

Related Government Departments & Partner Instituions

We are proud partners of the Standards and Trade Development Federation, a global partnership established by FAO, OIE, WHO, WTO and the WBG that helps developing countries to gain and maintain access to markets by tackling sanitary and phytosanitary gaps (SPS).

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WTO Compliance

As a member of the World Trade Organisation, Vanuatu has an obligation to implement the Technical Barrier to Trade Agreement (TBTA). We are here to fulfil that obligation.